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David Falbe (B-Sisko)

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What is Document Right:

It is a Application designed to help developers of any skill level to control the consistency of the source code documentation. It does this by scanning your source code to make recommendations where you should comment your code and checks the documentation style against a user or default scheme.
How far long is the Document Right Project?:
Currently the project is in the Planing Phase. By the end of the summer we should have a working release.
Project Development Details:

Initially this program will most likely be written for Windows using one of the .Net Languages (C#, VB, or Managed C++), and possibly depending on demand possibly a linux release.

Part of what the application is going to do is read the source syntax on some level , storing the variable names and function calls and assign rankings for areas that need to be commented. For this fact the first release will mostly likely only support probably C++, C#, VB for this feature. The other programming languages will be added as the project matures.

Current Project News: